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Welcome to my Glass House

Hailing from the legendary down-and-dirty city of Pittsburgh, Noa Jordan is an artist born of grit and heart. The passion of the city that forged her is inherently ingrained in the lyrics she pens and the melodies she produces, creating a space thick with the weight of what it means to be human in this one wild world – all the realities of it, both those that ache and those that open our eyes to the beauty of it all.

Jordan released her first EP, “Fractured Crags” in May of 2014 and followed it in September of 2015, upping the ante with her debut full-length record. “The Lost Boys” is a 10-track ode to rock’n’roll, with nods to the likes of Yes and Led Zeppelin as well as Coldplay and Paramore. Blending the influence of progressive rock with pop sensibilities, Jordan is able to weave in and out of genres – leading the listener down beaten dirt roads to still, southern marshes with the haunting vocal hooks of the opening track, “Thieves” and immediately carrying them back to big city lights with the anthemic stylings of “Momentum.” The entirety of the record is theatrical, larger than life, and it explores the different threads of leaving childhood behind and becoming an adult.

Jordan has released 6 singles since 2015, “Heartbeats (The Train Song)” a tribute to her favorite film, Inception, and the remaining 5 all belonging to her second full-length record – which she will be releasing later in 2024.

Noa Jordan longs to create spaces that allow people to hear their own experiences – to say what they feel and just may not have the words for – and be still enough to sit in them, to be seen in them, and to know that though they may question the why of it all, they are never alone.

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